Julia Spiri Freebie


Here is the gorgeous freebie image for the Kit and Clowder Group by Julia Spiri. I couldn’t wait to start on this image. For once I knew exactly what I wanted to do here in terms of the skin, hair and background before starting.

I saw this gorgeous artwork I think on the Jane Davenport Facebook page and just had to try the red hair against the greyish skin tone. I would love to confirm who the artist is and acknowledge them accordingly as this image is stunning!!!


Here are the topic colour combos I used.

Hair: RV99, R39, R29, R27, R24, R20


Sky (from bottom): B39, B37, BG09, BG18, BG75, BG72, BG34, BG23, BG11, BG000, Y11, Y00, YR61, YR65, YR68

Grass: YG99, G28, YG45, YG41


Skin: C3, T2, C1, BV20, B60, BG70, 0

Eyes: G28, YG45, YG41

Lips: R39

Outfit: V09, V06, V05, V04, V12, V01, V000, Y00, Y000

Flower Stem: G28, YG45, YG41

Petals: YR68, YR65, YR61, Y11



Check out Julia Spiri’s stamps here. You won’t regret it!


Sarah xx


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