Homura Angel 3


Happy Thrifty Thursday everyone! Check out these awesome Homura Angels by Scrappers Delights. They are just $1 for the next fortnight.


Here are the colours I used on Homura Angel 3.

Background Sky: B39, V09, V17, V15, R35, YR15, Y17, Y15, White paint pen

Clouds: C4, C3, C1, C0, 0

Wings & Shirt: V17, V15, V12, V000, Gold Sparkle Nail Polish

Skin: E000, E00, E21, E11, E04

Hair: E49, E47, YR23, YR30, White paint pen

Boots: T9, T8, T6, T4, T2, T1

Shirt: C3, C1, C0, 0

Pants and Wrist Bands: E99, E97, YR21, YR00



Happy Thursday!

Sarah x



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